Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recover Files From Corrupted Memory Card

Are you getting "Memory Card Corrupted" on mobile when you insert memory card in phone?

Is your phone/device asking to "Format the Memory card" ?

Did you accidentally delete some pictures from the memory card/storage device?

So you probably looking to recover files. 

Follow these Instructions.

  1. Download, install, then run ZAR 8.4 (click here for zar84setup.exe).
  2. Attach the camera or insert the memory card into the reader device.
  3. On the first screen, no adjustment is required, just hit "Next>>".
  4. Program will then prompt you for an operation mode. Select "Recover images from camera memory card", then hit "Next>>".
  5. Select your camera from the list of the attached devices. You can identify the camera by its media size or by the model name (if available).
  6. The rest is mostly automatic. When the analysis is done, select files to recover, specify the directory to place recovered files to, hit "Start copying" and you're done.

Demo: Digital image recovery


This tutorial describes the procedure used to recover photos stored on the digital camera memory card if
  • the images were deleted before copying to the PC
  • the card was accidentally formatted
  • some sort of the camera failure occurred and the images are not accessible any longer
The recovery is done in six steps, requiring about nine (9) mouse clicks. Please note specifically that ZAR capabilities used in throughout this tutorial are available at no charge (no license key or other purchase required).

Note: The older than current versions of ZAR might have been used to create the screenshots in this tutorial. We did not update the screenshots if there is no significant difference between older and current versions. If you see some option in the program which is not described in the tutorial, just leave it at its default setting.

Hardware considerations

If your digital camera allows you to access the memory card as a drive (with a drive letter X: assigned, like for a hard drive or a CD), you can try to use the camera to read the memory card. If this does not work (camera not detected, or card not readable), you need to remove the memory card from the camera and use the card reader device.

Step  1 - Download, install, and start ZAR

Get and install ZAR just like you do with any regular program.
  1. Download ZAR evaluation. You do not need a paid version of ZAR to do image recovery. This set of functions is provided free of charge.
  2. When you run it, ZAR displays the window like the one below:

  1. Click "Next >>"

Step 2 - Select processing mode

  1. Select "Recover images from a digital camera memory card"
  2. Click "Next  >>"

Step 3 - Select a physical device to recover

  1. Select the device corresponding to your device. Note:

    • You can use "Model" and "Capacity" fields to identify your device.
    • If you are using a camera and it is not listed as the device available for recovery, you need to use a card reader device

  2. Click "Next >>" to start the recovery run.

Step 4 - Recovery run

This part is fully automatic. If you are using the camera to read the card and all the dots on the map are red, or if the scan is unacceptably slow (more than several minutes with no progress), discontinue the run, remove the card from the camera, then restart using a card reader device. Card readers tend to perform better.

Step 5 - Select the files to recover

  1. Mark files to recover by clicking their corresponding checkboxes. To mark all files at once, just mark the "ROOT" entry.
  2. Click "Next >>"

Step 6 - Copy files

  1. Enter the name of the folder for the recovered files.
  2. Click "Start copying the selected files" to start file retrieval.

Touch Balance - aware of the balance of your mobile's prepaid account.

Touch Balance is a small program that allows you to always be aware of the balance of your mobile's prepaid account.

Symbian s60 3th or 5th edition
This software is unsigned!

Touch Balance - The program receives data on your balance at the mobile operator for sending a USSD-request and displays the amount on the desktop of your smartphone.

Key features:

» Auto-request of balance condition after calls, SMS / MMS, Internet connection;
» Auto-request of balance condition on the timer or at specified time;
» Request of balance condition using icon in main menu;
» Autostart option;
» Configurable number of USSD-request;
» Compatibility with Handy Shell;
» Showing balance in separate window, without using Active standby mode;
» Trick bypass hangs Green button;
» Support different profiles for SIM-cards;
» Requests history in CSV format;
» Counting costs for the current day;
» Ability to work with two different USSD-numbers.

What is new on v1.2.6

» Fixed crash at boot time;
» Configurable delay before windows redraw;
» Added delimiter before daily counts;
» Rebuilt get balance module for better stability.
[NOTES]: –°heck all settings after installation this version - ini-file format has been changed! This app doesn't work on Samsung smartphones!
The software is unsigned!