Sunday, December 13, 2009

Download Torrents from your Nokia mobile phone (3rd edition phones)

SymTorrent is the first and currently only Bittorrent client for Symbian OS. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application. You can also check the status of each file inside a torrent along with several other statistics and properties during download. Torrents can be started from the browser, and selecting the files that are downloaded from multi file torrents is also supported.

Latest version

SymTorrent 1.41
Built on 15 October 2009
Download SIS
Download ZIP

The above link worls with only Nokia Symbian 3rd edition like Nokia 73 , 95 eg.

If you are using other phones please comment to this post, I will try to find application for you.


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