Thursday, December 31, 2009

File Hosting MirrorMaker Remote Uploading (

MirrorMaker, RS>MU and MU>RS remote uploader

Remote upload: The process of copying files from one filehost to another, without it ever touching your internet speed, hence being incredibly fast.


  • Remote upload from Rapidshare to Megaupload
  • Remote upload from Megaupload to Rapidshare
  • Remote upload from Megaupload to Megaupload
  • Create direct Megaupload links to put into other filehosts for remote uploading / give to non premium users
  • Retrieve MU names (unsorted)
  • RS / MU link parser - can extract RS / MU links from a huge chunk of text
  • Can sort RS files by filename
  • Can sort MU, yes MU, links by filename and output filename as well
  • Save settings (Super strength encryption of course) so you don't have to keep typing them in every session
  • Link check so you never submit dead links to the server
  • Custom megaupload link description
  • Create direct Rapidshare, mediafire, and hotfile links for remote uploading to other sites.   

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