Saturday, December 19, 2009

Google maps - mobile version of the popular Google Maps.

The new version, 3.2.0, adds a 'Layers' feature which helps organise the information displayed on top of the map (including the existing Latitude, Driving Directions and Traffic functionality).

The layers functionality can be accessed from the Options menu (or pressing '2'). The initial screen allows you to see and control the active layers, as well as reload a recently viewed layers.

The version 3.0 ads google latitude

Google NOW updated with support of build in GPS

Maps for Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Google Maps. To download Google Maps for Mobile, launch Web browser on your S60 phones and then visit If you are asked which version to download, just select high-end phones version because all S60 phones can be categorized as high-end phones.

Symbian OS


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