Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to play subtitle in Smartmovie Player (Nokia Symbian)

How to play subtitle in Smartmovie Player (Nokia Symbian)

SmartMovie allows you to watch movie on your mobile device with subtitles. The subtitle format is text-based.If you desire to watch videos with subtitles (for example when movie is not in your mother tongue), you may search for subtitles on the Internet. You'll most probably find subtitles in text form.Here're several web sites where you may search for text-based movie subtitles.

Now download subtitle from any site listed above. you will see files have .srt extension . but Smartmovie mobile player cant read .srt extention, It reads .sub extention. so you need to convert .srt to .sub format, for this you need download and install Subtitle Workshop. 

Subtilte Workshop Download here

Load subtitle which you want to convert into sub. change FPS, eg. if your movie/video has 29,997 FPS, then change accordingly,

Now click on save as , choose save as "MicroDVD *.sub *.txt"

Now make sure your movie and subtitle file names are same.

eg.   Video file name - Twilight_trailer.avi
Subtiltle file name       -Twilight_trailer.sub

Enjoy !  


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